The future of the business world: Kagithane Polat Ofis

Prestige is created with the combination of the quality understanding and attractive elegancy and all these properties build the most prestigious office of Kagithane, Kagithane Polat Ofis.

Kagithane Polat Ofis presents you both an enjoyable and productive working atmosphere with A+ office areas, shops, special parking lot and very green scene in the most popular place in Kagithane, new center of the business world, on the main road and in 24.000 m2 of closed area.

Kagithane Polat Ofis rises with the signature of AP Gayrimenkul in the most seen point of Kagithane. Whoever carries his working life in Kagithane Polat Ofis will gain prestige in the working world.

Kagithane Polat Ofis has offices to increase your productivity.

Kagithane Polat Ofis which is your new working address is preparing to build your success in new working center of working world. It gives you a very productive working atmosphere with 4 meter roof height, openable windows and the scene of the Historical Sadabad Park. A+ office areas having 24.000 m2 closed areas is waiting for businessmen who make signing with right choices a principle.

The contemporary architecture understanding has combined with your expectations from an office and has created Kagithane Polat Ofis.

You have shop in the most prestige projects in Kagithane.

Kagithane Polat Ofis creates differences with its shops having 5 meter roof height as well as A+ office areas. With 100 meter front looking the main road and Sadabad Park, the most seen and the most popular shops of Kagithane are in Kagithane Polat Ofis. If you have one of 4 shops in Kagithane Polat Ofis, these 20 meter shops with main road-fronted ensure you to new job opportunities.

When give breaks, scene will make you relax.

While working in Kagithane Polat Ofis having the most beautiful scene of the region, you will find opportunity to refresh yourself in the resting times. Offices with the scene of the historical Sadabad Park and Kagithane Lake are waiting to you.

We thought of everything for you.

General features:

All visual objects have the promotion aims and AP Gayrimenkul ve Gelistirme A.S. has reserved the right to change these.

Thank you...

Dream a project, in which everybody from the population in the region, project is implementing, to architect, from customers to real estate company has labor... It is Kagithane Polat Ofis which rise in Kagithane in which the working world is building and which make them gain prestige in every point.

We thank everybody which has contributed to Kagithane Polat Ofis built by AP Gayrimenkul.

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