AP Gayrimenkul with 60 years Polat Insaat experience and security leads Turkey to bring in modern and permanent buildings. We as Polat Insaat are securely signing under buildings we have constructed for 60 years and we as AP Gayrimenkul will sustain our target with the same sensibility.

Our customers have gotten the best of our each project up to now and they are very pleased of them. Our desire is to experience this proud in our projects with the signature of AP Gayrimenkul.

Our structure embraces innovation and technology. By constructing Polat Tower, we lead to spread the concepts of "intelligence building and residence" in Turkey. We have become a brand which brought these concepts in the Turkish Construction Sector. Our innovative viewpoint is the same with the past. We as AP Gayrimenkul aim to bring "the newest" things in the Turkish architecture.

Wish to sign modern, qualified and permanent projects all together.

Adnan Polat

AP Gayrimenkul